Expert Meeting: UNODC EGM Validation on Anti-Corruption Modules


blavatnik school new building opening by john cairns 30 11 15 88


Through the E4J initiative, UNODC has developed a series of university modules and other tools to assist academics teaching on some of today's most crucial threats. Specifically, E4J aims to support tertiary level educators and academics in their efforts to transmit knowledge and create a deeper understanding of rule of law related issues, including anti-corruption. 

This meeting will bring together academic experts, in their individual capacity, to review and validate draft university modules on anti-corruption. The modules are designed to be used by academics from around the world who teach or wish to teach on anti-corruption at both the undergraduate and graduate levels. The drafts will be shared with all participants before the meeting. The meeting will also address possible follow-up activities to promote anti-corruption education.


Please Note: This event is not open to the public. 


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