7 September 2017
By Building Integrity Programme Staff





Welcome to the new online home of the Building Integrity project at the Blavatnik School of Government.

This project aims to refocus our attention on integrity as a meaningful and useful concept when assessing public organisations. Beyond simply focusing on a lack of corruption, what does it mean for an institution to possess integrity, how is it created, and how can it be promoted in organisations around the world?

As a multi-disciplinary project, we aim to answer these questions drawing from fields including (but not limited to) public policy, political science, sociology, public administration, philosophy, and psychology. Our aim is that a comprehensive and rigorous understanding of how integrity operates can promote better governance practices.

Our work is designed to engaged with academics and practitioners alike, and we welcome all interested parties to get in touch. To reach out to us, you can use this site’s contact page, tweet @IntegrityBSG, email integrity@bsg.ox.ac.uk or LinkedIn.